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Other Physicians

Hospital-based physician practices turn to MedReceivables Advisor, LLC for medical accounts receivable billing services that take a comprehensive approach to maximizing revenue. The professionals at MedReceivables Advisor, LLC are CPAs and MBAs with 40 years of combined experience in medical billing management who understand the complexities of the financial issues facing hospital-based medical practices. We are focused on helping our hospital-based physician group clients effectively bill for their services and maximize their profitability.

As experts in serving hospital-based medical practices , we are skilled at negotiating managed care agreements and implementing an efficient and professional medical receivables management solution. We help hospital-based physicians effectively bill their services to third-party payers and private patients and maximize their revenue. Our personalized approach to the financial well-being of our physician clients has earned the trust of physician groups. The firm's founders David Smith, MBA, and Donald Cohen, CPA, welcome personal client meetings and the opportunity to know their clients personally.

By outsourcing your medical billing to experienced experts, you benefit from the convenience and economy of a proven solution for comprehensive physician billing services. With the confidence that you have a reliable accounts receivable management system in place, you are free to focus on practicing medicine.

Your Peace of Mind

We invest in the latest technology, maintain redundant failsafe servers and off-site back-up. Our offices are located in our own building in the attractive Newport Commerce Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida, near the SW 10th Street exit of I-95. We are diligent about updating our emergency back-up plans. In regard to compliance issues, we engage an external auditor and compliance firm to conduct monthly audits of our coding and billing procedures. Updates are provided for Medicare/Medicaid billing, as well as for compliance management.