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MedReceivables, LLC strictly adheres to the privacy and security rules set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The company has in place an organization-wide HIPAA compliance program and all personnel must satisfy an industry-standard HIPAA training program. All company policies and procedures comply with HIPAA policies and laws.

The procedures and operational controls at MedReceivables are securely linked, assuring clients that data transfer between hospital IT departments and MedReceivables is protected. The company transmits claims and remittance advice receipts electronically, utilizing HIPAA-compliant clearing houses to process and forward such data to third-party payers and subsequently allowing payers to remit payment within a secure electronic environment. Our stringent operational procedures enable us to satisfy all HIPAA requirements for medical billing outsourcing that you can trust.

Your Peace of Mind

We invest in the latest technology, maintain redundant failsafe servers and off-site back-up. Our offices are located in our own building in the attractive Newport Commerce Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida, near the SW 10th Street exit of I-95. We are diligent about updating our emergency back-up plans. In regard to compliance issues, we engage an external auditor and compliance firm to conduct monthly audits of our coding and billing procedures. Updates are provided for Medicare/Medicaid billing, as well as for compliance management.